I will write for beer. Really.

Hello, internets. 

First, an icebreaking exercise:
My name is Kim.  I grew up in Kansas, moved to Pennsylvania, moved back to Kansas.  I like writing and beer.  And food, cooking, brewing, thunderstorms, perfume, nail polish, awesome terrible Saturday night SyFy movies, the internet, novels written for teenagers that women in their 30s also like, giant robots, running, dancing, medieval things and unicorns.  This blog will be roughly 90% beer and writing and 10% everything else.

I will mostly write beer reviews, wherein I tell you what to drink, what to avoid, and what to drink to experience the sheer badness of it.  I will also tell you where I found the beer should you decide to try it for yourself.

My credentials:
Beer and I have an ongoing relationship that is somewhat longer than my ability to drink it legally.  I have tried hundreds – really, hundreds – of beers.  I’ve completed the beer tour at Old Chicago, the beer tour at Porter’s Pub in Easton, sampled beer from six of the seven continents.  I’ve helped homebrew several styles of ale.  Beer is awesome, we are friends, and I will judge you on your beer taste.  Feel free to judge me on mine, as well.

Writing and I have a near-lifelong relationship.  It has its ups and downs.  We’re trying to move the relationship into a more productive, profitable phase.  My works-in-progress include a dissertation and a novel about teenagers, alchemy and a lot of fog.

My biases:
When it comes to beer, I prefer ale over lager.  Specifically, I love IPAs and stouts.  I tend to hate light lagers but tolerate pilsners.  I think that a good porter is a mark of a talented brewer: it’s a good trick to balance the heavy malts with a light-but-noticeable hop flavor.

So that’s that for that.  Enjoy!


About Kim

Kim spends a lot of time writing, thinking about writing, reading, writing more and dealing with writer's block. When she's not writing, she might be found having a beer. She often combines the writing experience with the beer experience. The combination tends to lead to more creativity but significantly impaired spelling.
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5 Responses to I will write for beer. Really.

  1. CassiusTrevize says:

    Thanks for starting this, Kim. I can’t wait to read more. I’ll go ahead and start it off. Right now, my favorite beer has to be Boulevard Brewery’s Single-wide IPA. I have yet to find anything better.Unfortunately,I no longer live in an area where Boulevard distributes, and have to find a suitable alternative. I’m just getting started searching in Charlotte, and the best I’ve had here, so far, is Flying Dog Brewery’s Snake Dog IPA. I will keep looking, and let you know what I find. If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know.

  2. Linda R says:

    I can vouch for most of the above. Yes, she learned to drink beer young enough to not get sucked into drinking bad beer (as in, “where’s the real beer?” at her first college party which turned her into the designated driver for much of her undergrad). Yes, she is, in fact, a total foodie and to top that, she’s married to a foodie and they can both cook really well. She does an awesome job of pairing beers with food. Yes, she’s homebrewed several times with her dad for the brewpub in our basement. We taught her young and we taught her well. I blame the giant robots on something not on my side of her gene pool, but I think her brother shares it… the favorite family game is to go to a pub with a lot of different beers on tap and pick out tasters (sight unseen) for the victim, um, family member to attempt to identify from the beer list. It’s frightened two servers that I specifically remember…

    And in conclusion – they did not toast with champagne at their wedding. I’ll let Kim explain that one if/when she feels the urge, but I can attest that at least one beer looks totally fabulous in crystal!

  3. Danny says:

    I say you need to get cracking on that seventh continent, slacker.

    I know your blog is to celebrate beer (and, believe me, I will be following it diligently as a fellow beer enthusiast), but since you mentioned the Old Chicago Beer Tour, I wanted to air a grievance with which you may agree. I know nothing of the Porter’s beer tour, but of the O.C. one I have to say I am continually disappointed with their stock and rotation of “unique” beers they ever have to offer. There are always a few trusty standbys that are far better than Bud (incidentally, for which, sadly, my tolerance has been growing since high school, and continues to grow for every year I am a dirt-poor student), but as far as retrieving something hard-to-find or rare is concerned, I find little more than what my local favorite liquor store has to offer. Granted, living in Kansas City or college towns in Kansas for the past 29 years has provided the opportunity for the average quality of beer store to be a bit higher than places that aren’t near areas with a demand for better selection, but even that doesn’t make sense to me, because most Old Chicagos ARE in bigger cities and/or college towns, which are likely to have good liquor store selection as well, and it costs 4 or 5 dollars (or more) for their “specialty” beers, which is sometimes (not always) ridiculous. Anyway, that was just a thought I had that I wanted to share when I saw “Old Chicago Beer Tour” typed. I finished my first tour almost four years ago, and haven’t been working toward a new one except for getting shirts from mini-tours, when I’m there with friends who are doing the same thing. The thought that I will try maybe 10 or 15 beers that I otherwise couldn’t have is not enough pull for me to spend another $400 or so on an entire tour.


    For your edification, my favorite types of beer are generally things you can’t see through. Stouts, bocks, and anything with “wheat” in the title are always a good bet. I am often in the mood for a good pilsner/pilesener, most recently being surprised and pleased with Boulevard’s take on the form. Sadly (and I say this because almost every other beer lover I personally know is for them), I don’t generally care for IPAs. I occasionally dig on a west coast version with less hops, but they’re usually too bitter for me. I usually avoid lagers, although there are exceptions, like Harp and Corona, but I leave the Bud for when I’m especially desperate and poor.

    Ok, that’s all the input I have for now, but I look forward to hearing more from you. Especially now that you’re much closer! (Even when I move back to Pittsburg, you’re still far closer than Pennsylvania!) See ya.

  4. Ooooo. I completed the OC Beer Tour once and had exactly the same opinion as you did, Danny, which is why I never bothered doing another one. The Porter’s beer tour was awesome – it had a rauchbier (a German smoked beer – it tastes sort of like liquid beef jerky) and a whole bunch of uncommon Belgian ales and whatnot. I learned a lot with that tour.

    Cassius, I’m not entirely sure on the distribution area, but if Dogfish Head distributes down in Charlotte, try their 60 Minute IPA. If you can’t get ahold of that, look for Victory’s Hop Devil. Those are both from East Coast breweries, so there’s a better chance they’ll be available in your area. To be honest, if you can get Dogfish Head, try everything they make. They’re amazing and they make some really wild brews.

  5. Good to meet you, Kim. My wife sent me here because I’m a beer fan, and I’m impressed! I’ve tried lots of beers, but I’ve never even tried to count. It could be hundreds, but I don’t know. I love bocks, stouts, and porters. Ales and lagers are fine with me, and I’m a fan of hard ciders. If I had to pick favorite breweries, I’d say Shiner, Great Lakes, and Anchor Brewing. Since I can’t always spend real money on beer, I often bring home Yueungling beers or specialty Michelobs.

    I don’t love super-hoppy beers so I don’t touch most IPAs or wheats. Whites are hit-or-misses. The only beer that I think I’ve ever hated was Celebrator’s Doppelbock. We only bought it because it sounded interesting. It tasted like licorice coffee that was filtered through charcoal-filled gym socks. Blech.

    Keep blogging!

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