Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout

In the spirit of end of the year Top 10 lists that are so popular, but without having to compile said list, I thought I would end my year of blogging by presenting you with a review of THE BEST BEER I HAVE EVER HAD EVER tried for the first time in 2010. This beer is so good, it cures colds. It also has the honor of being married to one of the most fabulous women I have ever met ever (ILU, Mrs Bourbon County Stout). See the following*:

Congratulations to the beautiful happy couple!

Basic Info:
Bourbon County Brand Stout (Yes, the “Brand” is part of the name. No, no one I know ever bothers saying it.) (also known as “Donna’s Husband Stout”)
Origin: Goose Island Brewing Co., Chicago, IL
Style: American Imperial/Double Stout
13% ABV, 100% WIN
IBU: 60
I drank this: on tap at Waldo Pizza, KC, MO and poured from a bottle at home

People, this beer is magic, by which I mean it has healing properties, by which I mean that it cured my blargy sinus infection. Like, cured it with the power of awesome. Or, to put it in slightly clearer terms: halfway through this beer my throat (which had been in knife-stabbed pain for a solid week) stopped hurting. The pain didn’t come back at all that night, or the next day, or even the next (or the next or the next), so I can attest to the fact that it was the beer itself that solved the pain, rather than just the wine-level high quantity of alcohol in the beer.

The beer is ebony stygian midnight jet obsidian raven pitch this-is-where-light-goes-to-die BLACK with a mocha-bourbon-colored head. It smells like a batch of the best bourbon balls you’ve ever had, but better and with more chocolate.

It’s also thick. It’s not as thick as the Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (nothing is), but it’s syrupy and wonderful and sort of melts on the tongue like a mouthful of warm ganache. The bourbon is the strongest note, followed by an oaky sort of woodsy note, chocolate, vanilla, a touch of smoke and hints of toffee, coffee and caramel. There’s also an alcohol burn on the tongue and down the esophagus, sort of like you’d expect from drinking actual bourbon (though not so painful-strong).

The aftertaste is absolutely chocolate and bourbon balls. It’s one of those tastes to luxuriate in, the type that will linger on for a good fifteen minutes of bourbon stout happy-induced haze.

Words pretty much can’t sum it up, even though I’ve tried here. It’s amazing and wonderful and fantastic and glorious and one of those things that you should absolutely try, especially if you like bourbon.

*As for the marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Bourbon County Stout, allow me to link you to the Gingerneer’s Story of the Wedding. Seriously, click that link and read that story, as it’s the only way you’ll be able to understand exactly why there is a blingeed picture of Mrs. Bourbon County Stout saying her vows to the Mister. It sums up the fabulous wonder of the Bourbon County Stout more than I ever could. Also it makes me hate that I wasn’t there.

(As a lovely little end note: I have a bottle of the Rare Bourbon County Brand Stout. It’s my birthday present to me, being, at $40 or so, the most expensive beer I’ve ever bought (and proof that certain really amazing beers are capable of turning off any rational thought processes I might otherwise lay claim to). Unless convinced otherwise by a really good reason to share, I am planning on popping it open Sideways-style some random night and thereby making said ordinary random night one of the best of my life.)


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Kim spends a lot of time writing, thinking about writing, reading, writing more and dealing with writer's block. When she's not writing, she might be found having a beer. She often combines the writing experience with the beer experience. The combination tends to lead to more creativity but significantly impaired spelling.
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