Bells Special Double Cream Stout

See! My phone got smart and got a camera and the ability to send me the pictures! Yay to me for joining 2008!

I think this is my first Bells review on this blog. This is a) pathetic and b) a crying shame. I need to haul my cookies to Missouri more often. Their beer selection is sadly way better than we get in Kansas. Bells is a primary example of this problem: their beer is AWESOME.

Basic Info:
Special Double Cream Stout
Origin: Bells Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI
Style: American Stout
ABV: 6.10%
IBU: not listed, not really important – this is a malt spectacular
I drank this: on tap at Waldo Pizza, KCMO

So. The first thing I learned about this beer upon getting home and pulling it up on the website is that it isn’t, in fact, a true cream stout. A true milk/cream stout uses lactose (i.e., milk sugar) in the brewing process to give the beer a creamy texture. The Bells Special Double Cream Stout, however, uses nary a drop of dairy/milk sugar anywhere. They managed to attain the texture of heavy cream through sheer force of malt manipulation alone.

These guys* deserve a medal.

So. The beer has a scent of chocolate and malt and milkshake with a hint of roasty toasty yumminess underneath. It tastes roughly like chocolate and malt and milkshake as well, with hints of mocha running underneath. It’s awesome.

But forget all of that, because the taste isn’t the point. The point of this beer is the texture. The mouthfeel – the sheer glorious, thick, creamy, silky, flat-out luxurious feeling of this beer against the tongue is the point of this beer. It’s… like it’s almost naughty.

This beer is one of the good ones. It’s worth searching out to try just because there flat isn’t anything else out there quite like it. Add in the fact that they managed to do this without the aid of lactose – the usual suspect in the “wowowow was that creamy” mouthfeel world – and it’s like alchemy at work.

Or I’ve just been nursing a major crush on everyone at Bells since before the glorious few days I’ve been able to spend at the pub (called the “Eccentric Cafe” and run by a bunch of hippies – the whole thing is sparse and bare and they didn’t, as of a three years ago, have a grill in the kitchen, preferring instead to use a small kettle grill out back, and the whole place was bloody amazing because Tony and I managed to split an appetizer, each get a sandwich for dinner, and each have two 20-oz beers for UNDER $20 TOTAL AND IT WAS AWESOME)… anyway, Bells is awesome. Drink their beer.


*I thought perhaps I should point out something with my usage of “guys” on this blog. In the Midwest, “guys” often applies to both genders – it generally refers to a random group of people/friends. That’s how I’m applying it here. So this team of “guys” could be all-female for all I know. I’d still be calling them guys.


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